Peace of Mind: remote
health monitoring

Peace of Mind is a next generation activity and behavior monitoring platform designed to help you manage the health, wellness, and safety of your loved ones from a distance. All you need is your phone! Caregivers and patients download separate apps and get connected with a simple pairing process.

Keep your loved ones safe

Peace of Mind is a cutting-edge remote health monitoring app for caregivers of seniors. Download our mobile application and leverage the full power of your patient's phone to get real-time updates and visualizations of their health, wellness, and safety through an engaging dashboard and real-time updates. With our platform's cutting edge activity and behavior recognition algorithms, you won't miss a beat.

Dynamic dashboard

Dynamic dashboard

Take a peek at your patient’s welfare through an engaging interface.

No new hardware

No new hardware

All you need is your mobile phone and you’re on your way.

No data entry

No data entry

Our advanced activity recognition algorithms do all the work.

Advanced Ai

Advanced AI

Cutting edge features like fall detection and stress monitoring keep you updated.

Our App Features

  • Fall detection
  • Location tracking
  • Stress monitoring
  • Sleep detection
  • Extreme weather
  • Fitness tracking
  • Environment monitoring
  • Activity detection

Advanced activity recognition

Peace of Mind uses advanced AI to keep you up to date on your loved ones. Our patent pending algorithms include advanced fall detection, stress monitoring, sleep quality estimation, stress detection, fitness details, and much more. Everything is derived automatically from wearable sensors on your patient's phone- no manual data entry required!

Robust fall detection

Falls are the leading cause of trauma-related hospitalizations among older adults. Peace of Mind’s patent-pending fall detection algorithm uses the sensors on your loved one’s phone to detect possible falls and bring them to your immediate attention. If something is amiss, you'll be notified immediately through our caregiver dashboard as well as through mobile alerts. Advanced sensor fusion techniques reduce false positives to minimize disruptive notifications.

Precision location tracking

Peace of Mind's location tracking functionality will let you follow along with your loved ones on their daily journey. If they are in need of assistance, you can navigate right to their side through Google Maps. Worried about wandering? With Peace of Mind, you can confirm that your patient is in the safety of their home, or be alerted immediately if their location changes.

Detailed visualizations

Peace of Mind does more than send you alerts. Connect with your loved one with engaging visualizations and statistics including their daily step total, fitness history for the previous week, a chart of their stress level, sleep quality, and much more.